Be connected when you need to contact Admission Office

  • Please be connected with your account (on the application portal) when you need to contact us. When connected, we know you immediatly and help quickly. If not, we need to search in the thousands of applications to find yours; this extend the delay for a response.

Contact and follow up your Referees

  • Enter your “Referees” as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to track your referees for your application completion and to get the 2 recommendation letters before the deadline. If a letter of recommendation is missing at the deadline, your application will be automatically postponed to next round. Look at the "Referees" section regularly: Under each referee you should get "The survey has been completed by the referee on xx/xx/20xx at xx:xx.".
  • FAQ about Referees

Register and pass the tests

Do not miss application deadlines

  • Do NOT miss the application deadline, but make sure you do NOT wait the last day to submit your application file online. Incomplete applications (this includes missing fee payment, missing letter of recommendation, missing tests scores, improper documents) on the day after the deadline will be automatically postponed to next round.
  • Check Admission Calendars