Once you have paid your deposit, do not confuse the application portal and the enrollment portal. See pictures below to distinguish them.

Once you have paid the deposit, you will receive an email to create your permanent ESSEC student ID, started with B00. A new password will be generated at this stage. These new credentials (student ID and password) must be used to identify yourself on the application portal after your deposit payment.

Application portal

Once the deposit is paid, login in to the application portal to upload your letter of admission. This updated acceptance letter will confirm that the deposit has been paid. No hard copy of admission letter will be sent by post.

Enrollment portal (Registrar Office)

The following 2 steps are handled by the Registrar Office.

1. After you have paid your deposit, you will be invited to create your permanent ESSEC student ID. A new password will be generated for you. You can start your online administrative enrollment on the enrollment portal 


During that process, you will be requested to upload the copy of your passport as well as your birth certificate in French or English (the translation must be official). 

2. Once your enrollment has been validated by the Registrar Office and you have received the email “enrollment file completed”, you will  be granted access to your MyRegistrar intranet : 


From My Documents section, you can download your enrollment certificate stamped by the Registrar.

Having access to your intranet, you can start paying your tuition fees. You can make multiple payments as long as the full amount is settled by the deadline given by the Registrar Office.